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Automatic Wheel Wash System

Wheel WashTruck Wheel WashTruck Wheel Wash System
How to Design and Install a Wheel Wash (pdf file)

Making Tracks?

We hope not. But if your trucks do track mud and dirt out of the plant, we can help keep your neighbors happy and the EPA off your back. Our DirtSquirt Wheel Wash is an effective and affordable system that can be set up at your front door as a dust control system. The DirtSquirt uses about 20 gallons per truck and is entirely portable. DirtSquirt power washes tires so that your trucks hit the pavement clean. No more complaining phone calls. No more hassles with City Hall.


  • A 160 gpm high pressure pump module with a 20 HP TEFC motor, Nema 4X control panel, strainer, check valve, drain valve, two 1.5" output lines, and pressure gauge. All brass plumbing, mounted on welded steel skid and painted safety blue. Wired for 440-VAC unless otherwise specified.
  • Dual action spray manifolds. Two sets of 1.5" galvanized spray manifolds with high pressure spray nozzles.
  • All-weather motion sensor detects passing trucks and turns wheel wash on and off.
  • Speed bump to slow trucks and feed water line across road. Comes in two pieces, adjustable from 12 to 14 feet span.
  • 200 ft. of 1.5" high pressure hose and 100 ft. of electrical cable connecting pump module with spray bars and sensor.
  • "STOP" sign with pedestal and epoxy resin for mounting speed bump.


We can send a supervising engineer to help install the system for a flat rate of $450 per day plus travel expenses. You can also install the DirtSquirt dust control system yourself. The pump module is pre-wired with its own fused disconnect. All you have to do is connect three wires and check the pump rotation. No excavation work is required. Delivery 4-6 weeks.

What does the plant have to supply?

  • A level concrete pad to mount the speed bump. Surface should be pitched to drain and placed to exit onto pavement.
  • An enclosure for the pump to protect it from the elements. In winter weather, the pump unit must be heated or purged with glycol to protect it from freezing. NESCO does not warranty freeze damage of any kind.
  • Power and water for the pump module. If other than 440 VAC required, please specify. Pump should be supplied from a surge tank (500 gal. Min) with auto fill switch. Supply with clean water from city line, well, or pond.

DIRTSQUIRT Mini-Wash Spray Bars (NEW)

We know there are a lot of do-it-yourselfers that can't afford the high cost of some commercial wheel washes. That's why we're offering a set of pre-fabricated spray bars that you can hang over a set of "Jersey" blocks that funnel trucks into the wash zone. Just connect them to your water supply and you're ready to go.

Each NESCO spray bar is 20 ft. long with a total of 18 nozzles and allows for more than a full tire rotation through the wash. Constructed of 1 1/2" galvanized steel pipe with quick disconnects, the spray manifolds include all brass flat spray nozzles. Each nozzle has a 25 deg. spray angle and a capacity of 2 gpm at 40 psi for a total water consumption of 72 gpm*.

*72 gpm @40 psi minimum required. Higher pressure will increase water consumption and improve performance. Not designed for pressures in excess of 200 psi.

Optional Sensor and Control Panel for Auto Operations

Includes: Reflective presence detector in armored housing on swivel mount; NEMA 4X control panel with power disconnect switch, GFI, control relay, timers, terminal blocks, fuses, two-position switches (system power and heat cable) and one 3-position switch (Man/Off/Auto system operation). Second NEMA 4X box houses solenoid valve and manual drain valves freeze-protected with self-regulating heat tape. Wired for 115 VAC, 60 Hz.

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