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Spread-Kleen Fog System

Dust is bad news!

Dust emissions from spreading lime, cement and fly ash can be a nuisance and a health hazard. If you're spreading indoors, you're losing money while the next truck is waiting for the air to clear. Fine particulates are the NO. 1 pollutant in metro areas and regulators can fine you up to $25,000 per day for every day of non-compliance. More and more DOT's are requiring dust controls to protect workers and prevent accidents.

Here's the good news!

NESCO's "SPREAD-KLEEN" fog system controls Visible Emissions, keeps dust out of the neighborhood and away from your workers.


  • High pressure pump module
  • Gas engine with electric starter
  • Stainless steel spray bars and nozzles
  • Power spray wand for clean-up
  • Water tanks with low-level cut-off
  • 10 Micron dual cartridge water filter
  • Variable flow control

The SPREAD-KLEEN system can be mounted on just about any truck and adapted to intake water from a trailer, tanker, or hydrant.

Environmental compliance is the key to profitability in the 21st century. Get out ahead of the pack and let the competition eat your dust.

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