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DUST PRO Series H Hydraulic High Pressure Water Spray System

DUST PRO Series H Hydraulic High Pressure Water Spray System

Standard Features:

  • High Pressure 200 psi Pump
  • Hydraulic Pump Motor
  • Wireless remote Control
  • Running Time Meter
  • All Brass Plumbing
  • Single Basket Strainer
  • Heavy Duty Construction


  • Presence Detector for Auto Operation
  • High Capacity Cone Strainer

Hydraulic Powered Spray System for Track Plant Dust Control

NESCO’s DustPro Series H spray system is designed for hydraulically driven track-mounted plants.  The spray system includes a high pressure pump with hydraulic motor, control panel and wireless remote.  The pump module features two output lines each with a solenoid valve.  One line supplies nozzles at the feed hopper to control dust when the plant is charged, the other supplies nozzles at strategic locations throughout the rest of the plant.  Spray nozzles at the hopper can also be automated installing an optional presence detector.  Wireless remote operation allows the loader operator to control the spray system and conserve water by using spray nozzles only when and where they are needed.  DustPro Series H spray systems are compact, easy to install and simple to maintain.

Control panel and receiver features status lights that verify pump is running and alert the operator if water supply is interrupted. Wireless remote allows loader operator to turn nozzles on when and where they are needed.

NESCO spray systems can be adapted to any self-propelled track plant. The centrally located pump module supplies spray nozzles. High pressure hose connects spray bars to pump unit. Easy to operate and maintain, DustPro spray systems can eliminate visible dust using less than a gallon of water per ton.

To obtain a price quotation for a complete spray system package, e-mail a process flow diagram to and fax it to 973-543-4588, call us at 1-800-237-3878 to schedule a site visit.

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