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Dust Control Systems

When we think of dust, we usually first think of the dust we find on our shelves when we haven't cleaned them in awhile. Besides the occasional sneeze and irritation to our allergies, this "nuisance" dust does not have much of an effect on our lives. Dust mites, along with their feces and other allergens they produce, are major constituents of household dust. Generally found on floors and other surfaces, domestic dust is often disturbed when we so much as walk around the house.

How Dust Control Systems Work

NESCO's Dust Control Solutions; high pressure spray system controls visible emissions, keeps dust out of the neighborhood and away from your workers.

DustPro Spray Systems:
Features: remote electronic control, and heavy-duty construction, 200psi pressure operation. DustPro pump modules are "state-of-the-art" and can be fully automated or equipped with air and glycol purge systems for cold weather operation. Guaranteed to comply with SubPart 000 or other applicable NSPS. Available in 10 to 100 gpm capacities.

The DustBoy:
Features: Smaller crushing or recycle plants processing less than 500 tph. Pumps include a strainer, TEFC motor, and Nema 4X control panel. Available in 10 or 20 gpm capacities, manually controlled.

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Why You Should Invest in a Dust Control System

Dust produced by mining and material processing operations is another major source of fugitive airborne particulate. For example, coal dust is hazardous because it can cause black lung disease among coal miners. Coal dust is also an explosion hazard when dispersed in air. Silica containing dust produced from stone, sand and gravel processing can cause silicosis. Dust produced by vehicles on unpaved roads at industrial, construction and mining sites is also a major contributor to air pollution.

Dust control systems are used to collect or suppress dust produced by industrial processes such as mining, cement manufacture and steel production. Two types of systems are used to control these dusts - dry collection and wet suppression. Dry collection systems use baghouses with fabric filters that vacuum dust from the source and collect it in a hopper for disposal. Wet suppression systems that use water sprays are commonly used to control fugitive dust from roads, piles and processing operations. Water spray systems are the most common wet suppression technology and are widely used to maintain mining and industrial facilities in compliance with local, state and federal laws that regulate dust emissions. Some wet suppression systems may use surfactants or foams for specialized application to improve performance, especially for materials like coal or petroleum coke that are difficult to wet.

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