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Dust Control Australia

NESCO manufactures all types of dust control systems specializing in wet suppression equipment to control dust emissions from mining and material handling operations, and we are proud to open our full line of dust control systems in Australia.

Our most popular product for aggregate processing is the DustPro spray system. The DustPro is designed for portable or stationary crushing plants and features state-of-the-art technology that includes air and glycol purge systems for cold weather operation. DustPro pump modules can also be fully automated. This is the preferred dust control system of most of our clients.

The DirtSquirt Wheel Wash, is designed to prevent carryout from quarries and construction sites, which features a heavy duty 160 gpm high pressure pump module, motion sensor, utility bump, and dual spray manifolds.

NESCO custom manufactures all types of air atomizing, fog, foam, and surfactant spray systems that are used in specialized applications. We also sell a complete selection of pumps, parts, and spray nozzles to build or repair your own equipment.

NESCO builds wet suppression systems to control visible dust produced by mining and material handling operations. Our effective and affordable spray dust control equipment has become the industry standard for crushing and screening plants since we installed our first unit in 1989.

Dust Control Systems

NESCO Spray Systems Products

Dust Spray System from NESCODustPro Spray Systems feature high (200 psi) pressure operation, remote electronic control, and heavy-duty construction. DustPro pump modules are "state-of-the-art" and can be fully automated or equipped with air and glycol High Pressure Spray System from NESCOpurge systems for cold weather operation. Guaranteed to comply with SubPart OOO or other applicable NSPS. Available in 10 to 100 gpm capacities.

The manually controlled DustBoy is our most economical spray system and is designed for smaller crushing or recycle plants processing less than 500 tph. DustBoy pumps include a strainer, TEFC motor, and Nema 4X control panel. Available in 10, 20 or 40gpm pump capacities.

DirtSquirt Wheel Wash from NESCOOur DirtSquirt Wheel Wash stops trucks from tracking mud onto public roads. The DirtSquirt includes a 160 gpm, high-pressure pump module, motion sensor, speed bump, and dual action spray bars. Fully automatic operation. No excavation required.

SpreadKleen spray systems are designed to suppress dust from lime, ash, and cement spreaders used for soil stabilization. Includes 3000 psi pump module, water tanks, filters, spray bars and power wand.

NESCO Air Atomizing spray systems use water and compressed air to produce micron sized droplets that are able to suppress respirable dust without adding any moisture to the process.

NESCO Pump PartsFog Systems use ultra-high pressure and fine nozzle orifices to produce 10 micron droplets that humidify the environment and suppress dust and diesel exhaust in a confined area.

1Wetting Agents
are chemicals that are added to water to improve the rate at which spray droplets wet dust particles. NESCO doesn't sell chemicals but our DustPro spray systems can be modified to include a metering pump and in-line mixer to dispense a surfactant. Improves dust control on hard to wet materials like coal or petroleum coke.

NESCO also builds Foam Systems that use water, compressed air, and chemical agent to make a low-expansion foam that controls emissions from crushers and transfer points. Unlike chemical vendors that lock you into their additive, NESCO equipment allows customer to use less expensive generic chemicals.

Finally, NESCO sells Pumps, Parts, and Spray Nozzles to build spray systems from scratch. These are the same field-proven components we use to build our equipment. We keep a complete inventory of parts and are happy to provide technical assistance.

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