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Nesco Dustpro Duplex Spray Systems

Professional Series High Pressure Water Spray Systems for Metallic Mineral Mines

Modern mines process thousands of tons every hour and can't afford to shut down. They also have to comply with air quality standards to protect the environment. If dust control equipment fails, regulation requires production to halt or risk large penalties. That's why NESCO's Duplex systems are designed with two pumps - one operational, the other spare. If one goes down, the other starts up. Easy to operate and maintain, NESCO systems features heavy-duty construction to withstand the most remote, high altitude environments.

Standard Features:

  • Dual high pressure 200 psi pumps
  • Programmable controller with software
  • Ethernet capable
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Flow switch and pressure gauge
  • Pressure transducer modulated VFD to maintain constant pressure
  • All brass plumbing
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Pump capacities up to 320 gpm
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Separate pump and control skid


  • High capacity cone strainer
  • Auto drain valves

NESCO high pressure spray systems control dust by producing an atomized mist to suppress the finest dust particles and add less than a gallon of water per ton to help prevent visible dust from downstream operations. Easy to operate and maintain, NESCO spray systems control visible dust from truck hoppers, crushers, screen and conveyors using less than a gallon of water per ton.

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