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Effective & Affordable Water Spray Systems for Dust Control

NESCO "Dr. Dust" High Pressure Spray Systems use state-of-the-art technology to control dust year round in aggregate plants without blinding screens or throwing products out of spec. High pressure sprays use a powerful mist to suppress dust and conserve water.  Remote electronic control allows operators to switch on spray nozzles when and where they are needed.

Constructed with quality components, our equipment is built to last. Our dust control water spray systems use no chemical additives that can spill or leak, making them simple to use and maintain. We can also build a wide array of custom equipment for specialized applications.

NEW! Dust Pro Series H Hydraulic High Pressure Water Spray System

NEW! Economical DirtSquirt Mini Wheel Wash

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CON EXPO 2017 - How to Control Dust
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